I am grateful to have worked with a talented team of artists, creatives and comic professionals, and so humbled by the support to bring this passion project to print. I believe we all can be leaders and work on high performing teams.

A huge thank you for the tremendous support and inspiration from:

  • A Chicagoland native, Matt Silady taught eighth grade for six years in Champaign, Illinois, before moving west to study creative writing at the University of California at Davis. It was there he discovered comics as a medium for fine art.
  •  Ron  Kertzner supports individuals, teams and organizations in acting from a deeply-held purpose and vision that is empowering to all. Ron served as a facilitative consultant, helping organizations and teams gain clarity around their vision, organizational culture and strategy.
  •  Tracy Hayes, my wonderful wife
  • Graphic Design – GB Tran, award-winning author of Vietnamerica
  • Editorial – Kayla Mauriello, super talented copy editor
  • Art assistance – Amber Padilla, amazing comic artist
  • Editorial – Rich & Julie Coolberg
  • Ad assistance – Alex Dow & Eric Holts
  • Video creation & music – Shane Olbourne

And most of all, thank YOU for the support and and for taking the time to look at my project.