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“Through engaging and relatable vignettes about the challenges of teamwork, “Why Always Wins” offers timeless advice on self-awareness, mindfulness, and thoughtful communication. Effortlessly blending peppy, entertaining visuals with serious management science, this easy-to-read volume should be on every team’s bookshelf. Whether you’re a new manager or a seasoned team leader, “Why Always Wins” is a valuable resource for helping you maximize the performance of your team.”,

Allen Tsai, Google Comics Factory
Producer of the online comics Smooth Sailing with Kubernetes and Learning Machine Learning

“Stephen Gay’s insights on effective collaboration in the workplace are on full display throughout Why Always Wins. With lively art by Der-shing Helmer, this engaging graphic novel is perfect for anyone striving to be a reliable colleague and an inspiring team leader even in the most challenging situations.”

Matt Silady, Chair MFA in Comics California College of the Arts (He/Him/His)

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“Why Always Wins offers a great start. Through a mindset of being curious about what is taking place in ourselves, how to better understand the people we are working with, and how to best achieve outcomes together, we can begin to create the conditions that facilitate high-performance teams that produce great results. “

Ron Kertzner, ChoicePoint Consulting
30+ year professional coach and facilitator.