Thank you!

We successfully funded our Kickstarter. A huge thank you to everyone for the generous support.

I am grateful to have worked with a talented team of artists, creatives and comic professionals, and so humbled by the support to bring this passion project to print. I believe we all can be leaders and work on high performing teams.

A huge thank you for the tremendous support and inspiration from:

  • A Chicagoland native, Matt Silady taught eighth grade for six years in Champaign, Illinois, before moving west to study creative writing at the University of California at Davis. It was there he discovered comics as a medium for fine art.
  •  Ron  Kertzner supports individuals, teams and organizations in acting from a deeply-held purpose and vision that is empowering to all. Ron served as a facilitative consultant, helping organizations and teams gain clarity around their vision, organizational culture and strategy.
  •  Tracy Hayes, my wonderful wife
  • Graphic Design – GB Tran, award-winning author of Vietnamerica
  • Editorial – Kayla Mauriello, super talented copy editor
  • Art assistance – Amber Padilla, amazing comic artist
  • Editorial – Rich & Julie Coolberg

And most of all, THANK  YOU for the support and and for taking the time to support our project.

A. Galliat
Alex Dehgan
Alex Dow
Alissa Briggs
Allen Tsai
Andrea Dulko
Andrea Wilde
Andrew Larson
anna rovedo
Anna Zalewska
Beril Maples
Braden Ericson
Brett Holcomb
Brian Fried
Brian Horner
Bryan White
Bryce Ashdown
Chris M Raykovich
Christopher Strimbu
Cory McCormick
Courtland LaVallee
Dave Le
David Buckley
David Kochbeck
David Pablo Cohn
David Stansel-Garner
Diane Lee
Dirk Cleveland
Doug Campbell
Edmund Bondoc
Emily Washington

Erica Brick
Eythan Ang
Genevieve Conaty
Giles Phillips
Gordon Fraser
Gwen Schroeder
Heather McIntosh
Hugh Molotsi
Jason Cozakos
Jason Littrell
Jason Silver
Jay Runquist
Jessica Drews
Joe Preston
Jon Duckworth
Jonathan Shariat
Jooyoung Jang
Joshua Allen
JP Sugarbroad
Kelsey Kecherson
Kevin Hedley
Kristen Guth
Larry Cheng
Lesley Louden
Mandy Cornwell
Marcus Bosch
Mariana Zamora
Marilyn Hayes
Mark FelcanSmith
Mark Flider
Matt Silady
Melissa Daniels
Melo Kalemkeridis

Michael Corbiere
Michael Mahmood
michelle price
Monica Lees
Nicholas Gillissie
Nicolas Koeppe
Ramon Colcer
Randa Perkins
Ray Luong
Ricardo M
Rich Cooper
Ron Kertzner
Ron Prueter
Russ Fagaly
Ryan Hwang
Ryan Vettese
Saif Romani
Sean Guadron
Sima Dahl
Sören Preibusch
Stephanie L Wagar
Stephen Ervin
Suneet Bhatt
Susie Wise
Tanseela Molani
Thomas Carroll
Tiffany Platt
Tom Gwynn
Tracy L Hayes
V Daley
Victor Szeto
Wendy Castleman